What Causes Hair Loss in Young People?

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Adolescents and young people suffer from the problem of hair loss because of stress suffered daily by pressure studies or violence in their homes and schools, experts expressed Loayza Archbishop Hospital. Head of the dermatology department of the hospital, said hair loss is also genetic cause or lack of hygiene, which mistreats the scalp.

He argued that there is a belief that hair is washed daily lost more often when rather by lack of hygiene is suffering from seborrhea and this causes hair loss. For women, dyeing and lacerated , as the use of dryers are factors which also cause hair loss.

The dermatologist also recognized that other factors such as infectious processes, typhoid, bronchitis or pneumonia that produce hair loss, or hormonal changes such as those experienced by pregnant and lactating. In that sense, He recommends people wash their hair every day with shampoo it deems appropriate for use, avoid dyes with ammonia, junk food and eat properly.

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