How to Comb Your Hair From Right Way

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The hair is generally quite strong and can withstand normal grooming techniques .

However, there may be a weakening or breach hair because bad hair habits and follow some tips can prevent this fight against damaged hair.

Avoid combing hair with fine-toothed combs when hair is moist, as this is a common cause of breach.

Although this is a tempting practice because hair straightens and of tangles much better if combed when wet, stress hair shaft is immense when the hair is wet because it is weak.

This goes for brushing wet hair also. Although brushing hair can generally be stimulating to the scalp, promoting blood circulation to hair follicles and maintaining your health is not recommended to be carried with wet hair.

Brush your hair before washing can loosen dandruff and dead skin, thus making it easier to wash the scalp during application of shampoo.

Remember, too much brushing or combing hair too, you can generally cause damage, which is quite contradictory to the old rule of 100 brushing.

Although clean hair is desirable and even necessary to keep you healthy, excessive washing can remove vital minerals like calcium, phosphorus, nitrogen and iron the hair.

This is particularly true when commercial shampoo used. Most commercial shampoo containing formaldehyde as a preservative. To disguise the presence of formaldehyde it is listed in the ingredients as Quanternio-15. This substance can be carcinogenic and toxic to the entire system.

Unfortunately for those who suffer from dandruff, anti-dandruff shampoos are the most dangerous shampoos on the market. Selenium sulfide is the main ingredient in most anti-dandruff shampoo, a substance that has been shown to cause degeneration of the liver.

Other toxic chemicals such as polyvinyl plastic pyrrlidone (PVP), proven to be carcinogenic, and creosol has been proven to be highly toxic are commonly found in anti-dandruff shampoo.

For this reason it is very important to correct this condition as soon as possible with natural tools

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