Homemade Hair Treatments to Prevent Hair Fall

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There are good hair treatments for hair loss in women . Because you have to consider that this condition was usually male problem. Few cases of female alopecia were observed and most of them were related to psychological stress (pregnancy, labor, housekeeping). 

At present 40%, between 30 and 40, has a major hair loss and, after 50 years, almost half of the female population has a thin and fine hair. This problem is associated with several causes: nutritional disorders, postpartum, etc. Although the main trigger is stress.

Apply massage the scalp with some natural treatments for alopecia as watercress juice or herbal tea, are of great help to regain hair volume and prevent its fall.

Watercress for hair loss

This watercress juice for hair loss you can apply up to twice a week.


• 100 grams of watercress.
• Some water.

How to prepare:

• Blend watercress fine.

How to apply:

• Massage the scalp with watercress juice.
• Leave on for 30 minutes.
• After washing the head with a normal shampoo.

Infusion for hair loss


• 1 liter of water.
• 7 tablespoons tablespoons horsetail.
• 7 tablespoons tablespoons rosemary.
• 7 tablespoons of nettle soup.

How to prepare:

• Boil water for five minutes over low heat, covered.
• Add herbs.
• Let stand for ten minutes.
• Strain.

How to apply:

• With the infusion scalp massage.
• For any reason you employ the dryer to dry your hair.
• For best results before the massage, you should wash your hair with shampoo rosemary.

Walnut oil for hair

This walnut oil for female alopecia can use it three times a month.

Ingredients for making nut oil:

• 250 ounces of olive oil.
• 7 diced peeled and nuts.

Preparing nut oil:

• Put the olive oil in a glass and add the nuts.
• Let stand for seven days in a cool place.
• Shake the preparation every night.

Applying walnut oil:

• After that, spread the fingers with oil, apply it on the scalp and massage gently.
• Leave on for three hours and then wash the hair.

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