Hair Replacement and Restoration Techniques

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In recent years there has been great progress in the field of hair restoration and replacement. Surgical techniques have improved a lot since the days when hair replacement just beginning.

All hair replacement techniques include using your own hair; therefore candidates for hair replacement must have some healthy hair , usually on the back and sides of the head.

The process is a relatively safe procedure when performed by a qualified, however as with any surgery there are risks surgeon.

Candidates must first be checked to be sure not to get in trouble for uncontrollable high blood pressure, blood clotting, or possibly causing excessive skin,   because these conditions may make recovery very difficult.

For the intervention, small portions of healthy hair scalp are removed from different areas and replace these sampling areas where the hair is weakened. There are three main types of implants:
Punch grafts, mini-grafts and micro-grafts.

The punch graft takes about 10 to 15 hairs and placed on the scalp. This was the first technique that was developed and initially, when it was created, many candidates wore his head-like patches.

The art has improved a lot since the early days of being developed, and the new mini-grafting has also been added as another option.

The mini-grafts contain only 2 to 4 hair graft, thus reaching a more natural look.

The micro-grafts are still smaller grafts containing one or two hairs.

To maintain healthy circulation in the scalp, the grafts are placed one-eighth inch apart. Localized anesthesia is usually sufficient for these types of procedures, and several sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

Post surgery, it is advisable to have a period of 10 days without sexual activity or strenuous activities as any activity that requires a lot of energy can cause the areas where the grafts bleed.

Of course surgery is a serious option, as well as quite expensive. For those who do not wish to undergo surgery for any reason, the   option of non-surgical hair additions is usually analyzed.

Many professionals have developed techniques to add hair to existing hair on your scalp, and achieve very natural results.

Fabrics, mergers, unions, micro wiring and connections are some of the techniques used to bond hair to the existing hair on the scalp without surgery.

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