Does Hair Loss Affects Your Self-Esteem?

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If every morning you wake up and get in front of the mirror, look carefully and check with your hair is receding despair giving way to a wide, shiny forehead. Then when you start to do your hair, and you discover that the vast majority of your hair is left between the bristles. And then to go out you find your best friend and says mockingly, "Hey why do not you wear a hat or sun you'll get blisters on your head." Does this sound familiar? For men and women suffering hair loss the previous description is the reality of life. Many people are afraid to lose their hair, but some others accept it as another stage of life and not let it bother them. If you've noticed the thinning of your hair , maybe you're already psychologically prepared to handle this emotionally well.

However, there are steps that you will feel depressed, coping with maturity will you know? Here I give you some tips:

1. If you are losing hair do not worry or discouraged because these emotions can have a negative impact on your emotional health. According to mental health professionals report that baldness can have a devastating effect it can lead to depression and stop socializing. If you do not know what it is to lose hair, maybe you can not understand that this can cause depression. And, many men and women consider their hair as an integral part of your physical appearance very necessary to make a good first impression, and not just in his personal image, but can also affect your professional life and your self esteem.

2. If you are depressed about losing your hair, do not have to hide your feelings better platícalo with a friend, relative or professional. When I realized I was losing my hair was still in college and at first I did not care much but years later, when I started to look for work, gave me the impression that they did not hire me for my premature baldness . This occurs through ignorance, because baldness in young to diseases that are easily transmitted associates. And this situation remained depressed me a while until I went to a cognitive therapy.

3. Cognitive therapy is also known as replacement therapy thought is simply replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. The trick is that when you feel a depressing or negative emotion, delete them immediately replacing it with a positive and stimulating thought. It takes work and persistence to recondition the mind, but over time can be achieved. There are very good books that can be found for you to learn to have a positive self-talk, as well as testimonials from people who claim that this therapy if it works if applied consistently. Cognitive therapy changes the perspective of your reality. In recent years, famous actors who have taken this therapy have made ​​their baldness in a fashionable style. Even at 30 years young singers who are prone to baldness does not seem to accept it and affect much. So if the movie stars and famous rappers take your hair fall because you did your should not you?

Although not yet developed a cure for baldness, there are things you can do to Prevent Hair Fall's no product that can help. Of course, for every product that helps, there are a number of products that do not help and just waste your time and money. Personally I've tried any of these products results in a positive and negative in others, so does some of my friends. If you want to know more about how to Prevent The Hair Fall , take a look at there very efficient giving you tips to reverse hair loss

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