7 Tips From Experts To Avoid Falling Your Hair

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Hair is part of our body in which many of us do not put much interest in her care. If you have members of your family or friends who are running out of hair, will surely comment on the angst felt upon waking in the morning and find your pillow upholstered hair, or your hairbrush has more hair than his head. If you also concerned about this situation, then you may want to know some tips to prevent hair loss.

1 - It is important that you eat healthy foods and make sure your body is getting the vitamins and minerals you need. Often symptoms of poor health in the hair follicles and nails occur when a serious illness is going to invade. 's important to eat the right amount of nutrients as it is noted that an excessive dose of a single type of non-receipt vitamin. For example, excess vitamin A and E, has been linked to hair loss.

2 - There is a widespread belief that it is ensured that the excessive use of cleaning chemicals can cause hair thinning hair and eventually your loss. If you want to improve the appearance of your hair through these products, but do not want to damage your hair long term, it is advisable that you obtain advice with a stylist or beauty professional. Many treatments to make their hair themselves, without knowledge or are inexperienced to properly perform this activity.

3 - the hairstyle that you use for your hair can also cause baldness so here we may have a chance to prevent it. Whenever you possibly can, avoid your hair styles with tight fitting or attached with elastic for long periods of time. There are hair accessories that are very friendly styling. Other hairstyles like tight horse tail, pig tails and braids can also cause damage to your hair.

4 - When have you detected any disease, it is important to carry out the treatment that you have indicated. If your doctor has prescribed medication, do not neglect. Failure of medical advice causes the body to use excessive power to recover by itself and will not have enough strength to hold firm in your hair follicles hair leather and this will eventually lead to losing your hair. Take this advice as an excellent way to prevent hair loss.

5 - There are old tips to prevent hair loss but in reality it has not proven effective, then do not do much to combat this problem, however not lose anything to try. For example, it has been said that the prone position increases the flow of blood to the head and massage the scalp and hair with a dry brush will reverse the effects of balding.

6 - Remember that in a healthy person, it is completely normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you look at the amount of hair you lose per day is much higher, talk to your doctor or dermatologist about this problem. They will be able to determine if the hair loss is due to a medical condition or age, and especially what treatment is right for you to carry out.

7 - One way to prevent hair loss (although I think is a bit excessive) is to use pillowcases satin or silk sleeping, as this helps to prevent due to the fact that a pillow case of this type fabric it will cause less friction while sleeping, in a sheath of cotton or flannel. This is because the head has a lot of movement on the pillow while sleeping.

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