Properties Nuts for Hair

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The nut is already an essential food and that should be present in our diet. It brings many benefits, nutrients that are necessary not only for a healthy hair and prevent hair loss, but to maintain the health of our entire body.

Firstly, take nuts promotes blood circulation and helps the irrigation new blood, full of oxygen, vitamins and minerals that help you get a healthy hair follicle. 5 But aside from eating nuts daily, we can prepare a home remedy to take our scalp walnut properties more effectively.

  • a glass of olive oil
  • 7 walnuts

In olive oil seven peeled and chopped or crushed nuts are added. It should be at least 7 days resting in a place where the sun will not. Every night you have to shake it gently.


After 7 days, we must add some balm on hand and scatter us by gently massaging the scalp but reaching everywhere. I Leave it since 2 hours and then you can wash your hair. thing you can do once a week. The cardiologists recommend eating five nuts a day to prevent cardiovascular problems such as thrombosis and stroke.

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