3 Main Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Avoid It

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Causes of Hair FallThe hair loss is usually due to a combination of factors which occur simultaneously and are generally carried out over a long period, possibly years, but not always, in some cases the alopecia is attributable to a single factor that comes right out of nowhere and wreaks havoc on your system resulting in baldness.
Fortunately these events are rare and usually manage to straighten up without treatment in question, the main reason for hair loss is the imbalance, the imbalance in a nutshell is when the body is not coping with certain changes as it should, changes they can affect your hair and your health.

3 main types of imbalances that cause hair loss:

a) Chemical imbalance:

A chemical imbalance is when the body has too much or not enough of a chemical in particular, an example is the fat; if too much sebum accumulates in the hair and becomes fat, on the other hand, if there is insufficient secreted by the sebaceous glands of the hair will become too dry and brittle.

Hormonal imbalances are also placed in this category, the hair is based on certain types of hormones to stimulate and regulate growth, when they are not in balance, hair can suffer.

b) Physical imbalance:

Typically, this relates to hair maintenance and design techniques and often called "self-harm", certain hairstyles like braids or perms can cause damage if done often or incorrectly.

Hair Pulling hard cause stress and breakage, a simple example of this might be his farewell to the hair, always with the same style and the same separation can lead to that area to make it increasingly thin and weak.

With poor quality combs and brushes and using harsh shampoos or dyes can also cause hair loss , the chemicals contained in most products cause harm greatly scalp condition and overall when used for a long period of time.

c) Mental Imbalance:

It may seem a bit extreme to say that a mental disorder, cause problems, but there is evidence that stress has a detrimental effect on the health of the whole body, including hair, are also known traumatic events such as the loss of a being dear, an accident or a serious illness that causes rapid hair fall.

If you are already suffering with hair loss then adds stress into the equation of your condition will be worse due to the double combination of his original hair problem and the new problem of stress - a double whammy!

The solution is simple:

Alarming as this all sounds really no answer, but effective, very simple to alopecia, just give back to the products of commercial hair and start using natural and organic alternatives and the proof is there to be seen, rejuvenation hair in just 6 weeks!

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